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March 25
As for the city of Groningen- I absolutely loved it! It's so clean and soo many young people and everyone is happy and friendly. My hostel is spotless as well, and I'm literally the only one staying here haha. The air is sweet and fresh and the architecture is beautiful. It probably helped that today was gorgeous weather (you could wear a tank top), but this might take the gold for best city. Amsterdam is awesome too :) However, I went to the museum of modern art- and I have to say that it was the strangest place I’ve ever seen haha! I went to the movie "I am Number 4" today. It was ok- not as great as mom and Ryleigh said- it felt kinda short to me, but it was good. I liked the setting :) haha.

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Siddeburen- Jacob Wierts house!

March 24
The next morning I took the bus for about an hour to Siddeburen to see Mr. Douwe Wiersma. I didn’t know exactly where he lived so I wandered around the town for a while and found him sitting in his car at the entrance of his neighborhood. We drove down the road to his house and his wife greeted us inside. As we sat down for a cup of tea, he went over the papers he’d printed out of my family’s history in the small village. After about 40 minutes, we got back in his car and drove to my great, great, great grandfather’s old farm/house. Thankfully the current owner was home and she lead me through a small tour of the house! It was such a unique opportunity for me to see the house that Jacob Wierts lived in- I’m the first to have discovered it! After we were finished looking at the house, Mr. Wiersma drove me to the Reformed Church in town and I got to see the grave of Jacob’s brother (Douwe later sent me photos of Jacob’s grave- we couldn’t find it at the time). We returned to his home and had another cup of tea. Mr. and Mrs. Wiersma were very quite folks but were so nice and welcoming to a complete stranger!

Side note- While driving through Schildwolde, I saw a man riding his bike in wooden shoes!! I think that many farmers still wear them because they’re good for the back and durable!

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My Heritage trip to Schildwolde, Netherlands

GroningenS..lde_064.jpgMarch 23
I went to Schildwolde today and walked the entire village in about 15 minutes! haha. It was enchanting :)) It was a tiny town with a big tower dating 1289 and church as the center. As I walked, everyone who passed me on their bikes said ""hi!'"/"hallo"!" with a smile! They're so friendly in this state! When I saw a lady working on her house, I asked her if she knew anything about the history/people of the town. She said she was new/moved there 3 years ago but told me that her neighbors knew a lot. She then took me over to her neighbor's house which was a huge, beautiful house and we went into their tulip greenhouses in the back (I think they were farmers/flower growers). She talked to the ladies working in there in Dutch for a while and they said the owner wasn't home at the moment, but said I could have some tea and wait for him. Instead, I went back to the other lady's house and I told her my story in further detail. We looked through all the phone books for Wierts/Wiers. She said that our name could have changed over here as well. The neighbor then came over with a name of an old man in Siddenburen (which is the next small village over) who researches the history/farms of the area and she called him and explained my story. She gave me his number and told me to make an appointment with him for tomorrow. I called him when I returned to the city of Groningen and he was very nice. He told me to come over tomorrow afternoon and he thinks he knows where they lived! Can’t wait!

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Flora Holland!

February 23, 2011
On Wednesday we had an excursion to Flora Holland, which is the largest flower auction in the world. It consists of about 8000 culture growers and the flowers sold there are from Holland and around the world. Flora Holland mediates between the growers and the buyers to get the best possible price for consumers. The warehouse was quite a sight. I’ve never seen such a large room in my life- I think we walked a half of a mile from one end to the other! When we came to the rooms where the actually auctioning was taking place, it was very interesting. There were hundreds of buyers who most likely worked for various distribution centers around Europe sitting in a lecture hall type room. They each had a computer and as the flowers were constantly passing through the room on carts, we could see the bids that each person was making on them. It was a very interesting experience and the sea of colorful flowers was amazing and seemed to go on forever!

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Exploring Amsterdam

February 15
Today, I and some others explored the city a bit. From Uilenstede- it’s very easy to get into the city center by taking tram 5. I’m finding that public transportation in this city is well organized and convenient. I don’t think many of my classmates at the university even have/need cars but I have to admit I like the freedom and convenience that cars offer :) However- in Amsterdam, there is absolutely no need for a vehicle. We each got a bike and everything is very accessible with the tram, metro, or bike- it’s great!! I LOVE Amstserdam- I was actually a little afraid I’d be sick of Europe by the time interim was over- but I was definitely wrong. Amsterdam is beautiful, vibrant, and exciting. It’s a very diverse city with an interesting history, awesome architecture, and plenty to do.

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